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Amazon Wealth Systems Hangout

WARNING:  To get this “Amazon Amazon Wealth Systems Hangout Membership” (for FREE) that pays you $5,000… $7,000… even $10,000 (or more) per month… you MUST act fast.

I’m on a mission to “break down the closed doors” of making money on Amazon.

From:  – Weymouth, MA

Because you are interested in getting started on making money on Amazon, and only because you are on my email list, I am giving away — for FREE – access to my brand new “Amazon Wealth Systems Hangout Membership” that will be proven to give you more cutting edge up to date information on how to make more money online than any other resource out there on the internet!

Dear Friend,

The opportunity is here now — you can make big money selling on Amazon in today’s online market.

Obviously there is a large group of people online trying, succeeding and failing at making money online. People in every city, town, nook and cranny of the world.
The ones that are successful all have one thing in common…They have developed the system, and have diverted the biggest online obstacle to making money…they have figured out the way to drive targeted traffic to their offers. And now they are wealthy and flush with cash. They know that this is the time to be selling products online.

And you know what else…they don’t want you to know how they are doing it. So that’s why I’ve stepped in and show you exactly how I make tens of thousands of dollars every week selling products on Amazon.

All you have to do is join the membership, pay attention, list products on Amazon and Get paid.


Yes, this is “selling online”, but don’t let that intimidate you. Whether you are a new to selling online or are not that good with the internet… OR you’re an experienced investor who has been selling online for years… the “Amazon Wealth Systems Hangout Membership Club” I’m currently (and temporarily) giving away on this site — for FREE — will make you more money than you ever dreamed possible!

IMAGINE – finally tapping into a “stream of money”… opening your Amazon Account to find a check for $2,000.00, another for $4,000.00, yet another for $6,000.00… all made quickly, easily, simply… in your spare time… with NO office, employees, inventory, licenses, buying, selling. This is THE chance to get ahead! To make money in big hunks. To wipe out your debts, pay off your house, replace any money lost in your retirement accounts, and secure your future in months instead of tens of years.

IMAGINE – the pride you’ll feel as you sit at the kitchen table with your spouse and open your bank account with big checks in them and talk about planning a really great vacation for your anniversary or having a burn-the-mortgage party in your backyard!
This is exactly what can happen to you — without a government bail-out! Without winning the lottery! The American way, through your own initiative.
And if you can follow simple directions, you absolutely CAN earn these big checks.

Let’s get started… I’ll spell out the amazing details….

More money is made and wealth created online right now than by any other means in America, period, and that’s a fact.
But most of the “get rich online stuff” you see on late night TV or might find at “traveling circus” seminars that come through your town, filled by big newspaper ads, frankly FAILS FOR MOST PEOPLE. Why? Because it’s just doesn’t work.
And if you ask any internet investor who’s achieved incredible wealth and success, they’ll tell you that…”the fly in the ointment”…the stumbling block most people can’t get past….is that…. You need Traffic to See Your Ads.

And where is the best place for traffic online you ask? The answer is Amazon. Right now there are 500 million people on Amazon looking to buy products. They are looking to buy your products. The fact of the matter is, if you’re not on Amazon right now, you’re missing the boat. But you do need to know what you’re doing. And that’s exactly why I developed the “Amazon Wealth Systems Hangout Membership”. It’s because I’m going to allow a small group of dedicated people into my personal inner circle. And I’m going to be training you personally on a regular basis. I’m going to be giving you the inner most secrets that will make you successful in this business.

This is what the Amazon Wealth Systems Hangout Membership get’s you…

Amazon Wealth Systems Hangout Page View Image

1. You’re going to get Up to Date Training Videos & Amazon Wealth Systems Hangout Support


That’s right. As a member of the Amazon Wealth Systems Hangout, we’re going to post LIVE training videos every other week. On this video you’re going to get either myself or my brother Adam. On this training we’re going to cover a specific up to date topic on Amazon. Either we’re going to talk to you about the hottest selling products, where to find the best products, what’s new and changing with Amazon, Secret Strategies that are working for me in my business right now, and much, much more! This has a $5,000.00 Value.

2. Up-to-Date Amazon News


I have a staff of 34 employees in my 2 offices in Boston and Las Vegas. These guys are listing, selling and working on Amazon every single day. Anytime Amazon makes a change in fees, an update to it’s policies or any other “news worthy” change, you are the first to know about it. We sell over 8 figures a year and we’re the first to know when something is coming down the pipeline.

3. Daily Deals

Another amazing thing that my staff is doing each week is to scour the internet & look for all of the deals that are out there for us to jump on. What I have them do is log on to Walmart.com, Ikea.com, Target.com or any 100 of the other major retailers and search for what they are offering for deals. Things that are on special, discounted or offered for less than they are selling on Amazon.com.

Not only do we research the deals that are out there… but we research them on Amazon. We’ll show you the exact products that you can buy in a store and then resell on Amazon. We only give you the products that are ranked high, sell fast and are selling for more money. You literally can’t help but make money if you log onto the Amazon Wealth Systems Hangout!

4. Successful Student Section


The next best thing to me telling you how great this business is, is you will be able to meet real life students of mine that are doing Amazon and making money. Each week we will include a new student that has either bought the Deal of the Week or just a student that has recently had success on Amazon. You will be able to see people having average results, maybe making a couple hundred dollars in a week. And you will also be able to see students with impressive results.

You don’t need more money, education, or time. You simply need someone to show you a tested and proven series of steps to follow.

5. Monthly Amazon Newsletter

Are you sure of what steps to do first? Whether you should focus on certain niches or products? Well that’s exactly what I cover in the Monthly Amazon Newsletter. I am going to be putting together a monthly publication that will tell you what is going on in the world of Amazon. Recent changes, recent updates and new hot products and strategies that are working best. I want to be able to walk you through exactly what you need to do to start putting cash in your account. We go over in detail exactly what you need for fast results. And I draw the map out for you. All you have to do is follow the steps!

6. You can be a Member of the Amazon Wealth Systems Hangout as Long As You’d Like


That’s right. You’ll have access to this membership site for as long or as short as you’d like. The monthly investment will never go up. You’re locked in at the discounted price. I will constantly be uploading videos, training, articles and Amazon updates as we get them done. You’ll be able to look over my shoulder at how I run a multi-million dollar company. And you can follow every step that I take. I don’t know another company that will allow you the access to watch how they make their decisions and where those decisions take them!

This has a $10,000.00 Value.

7. You’ll get all of our “Tuesday’s Amazon with Adam” Online Trainings


Your next bonus is something that people have found extremely helpful lately as I have been emailing out. We’ve just started doing a Tuesday PM Online Training Class where we just train. We teach 4 or 5 main topics over the course of an hour or so. Then we open it up for questions. Now, this call runs every Tuesday night. If for any reason you miss it, or you want to go back and get the old calls, you can login to the Amazon Wealth Systems Hangout and listen to them at your convenience.

I designed this Amazon Wealth Systems Hangout to help “smoke out” what’s the main obstacle in your way to greater riches.

I know people look up to me as someone who must have his act together, given that I have sold Millions of Dollars in products online over the past 10 years.
When I first created and offered my brand new Amazon Wealth Systems Hangout at my last event we had almost 80% of the room sign up for it. There were 34 people in the room and we had 26 signups. And as I said above, I only wanted to open this membership up for dedicated people.

And you and I both know how much garbage information is floating around out there. I realized that even though I have an iron-clad 100% guarantee on my membership club, a certain number of my students still hesitated to try it out. I can’t blame them—they had been burned too many times before.

So I “sweetened the pot”—I not only guaranteed my Amazon Wealth Systems Hangout Membership Club, but agreed to send give you a trial of it. You know what I want most? I want you to be completely sure that you are getting the value of this program. So that is my offer. Sign up right now, it’s $39.99 per month, if for any reason you do not like what you are getting as far as value and resources and content in the Amazon Wealth Systems Hangout Club, then pick up the phone call me up and tell me that you want out. No hard feelings.
I will even refund your money. And if you do like what you are getting (which I guarantee you will) then stay in for as long as you like… and you will be billed a $39.99 monthly membership fee. Wow, did I see a big jump in takers! That’s probably why 80% of the people joined the program. I was excited enough about my new offer that I forgot to go back to some of my early, loyal students and offer it to them, too.

So I’m writing you to make sure that you can take advantage of my membership on the fairest terms possible. I’m offering you to test drive it. And if you want to continue with it, continue at $39.99 per month. Your Investment: $39.99 per month…the same price Amazon charges!The “market price” of this very large pile of stuff that I’m offering is $16,053.

But I’m not going to ask you for sixteen thousand bucks for this information and support. That would be buying at the “market rate”. I’m not even going to ask you to agree to a “fire sale” price of 90% off, even though that would be a great value. I’m offering this entire package for less than one percent of its value.

I want to make you my most recent success story. I want you to experience the same liberation from money worries that Amazon has given me. But I can’t do that if you won’t even take zero chance on a 99.9% discounted, guaranteed deal!

On the other hand, once you get my large package of bonuses, you can look forward to an oasis of profit-generating, step-by-step advice.

One by one, I’ll explain how to get rid of any roadblocks in your way, such as “no time”, “no money”, “no experience”, or “no time”.

I don’t have a magic wand to get rid of them—instead I have tested and proven methods that have helped investors across the world.

Call 800-554-8495 and ask for ” Offer”. Or you can Get it Right Here


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