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Amazon Riches Home Study System

Amazon Riches Home Study Manual


This is a 200+ page Manual that takes you chapter by chapter on how you can be up and running and making money on Amazon Tonight. It shows you how to create a business from scratch.

The course takes you from how to navigate around Amazon, to how to set up your Seller’s Account, to Analyzing your Competition, Finding Good Profitable Products, Beating out your Competition and Making Massive Sales, Operating this as a Business and most importantly… Where to Find Good Reputable Wholesalers.

Amazon Riches Manual
Amazon Riches Getting Started Video

Amazon Video #1 – Amazon Getting Started Video 


In this 38 minute video, I take you on an “over the shoulder” look of exactly how to create your Amazon Seller’s Account, How to access the Seller’s Central area and How To Get started taking payments and collecting money on every sale you make.

Amazon Video #2 – What Products to Sell & Where to Find 


In this 49 min long step by step video we go over all of the places that you can find around your life to find good, fast selling profitable products.

There are literally hundreds of hidden gems all around your life and you don’t even know it. Places like Craigslist, Yard Sales, Thrift Stores and other Classified sites. We go over all of the possibilities… and many many more. Plus We cover Wholesaling all different types of Products.

Amazon Riches What Products to Sell &Where to Find Them Video
Amazon Riches The Different Tools for our Amazon Business Video

Amazon Video #3 – Different Tools For Your Amazon Business 


There are massive amounts of online tools in this business that will make your life so much easier and eliminate all of the work and time involved in this business.

In this training video I show you how to quickly figure out exactly what you will profit on any given product. I show you how to analyze exactly how long it will take to move your inventory, and finally with the the help of some really cool software I show you how to break this business down to a science! Just follow the formula and you will succeed.

Amazon Video #4 – The Game Changer 


The most important things that you need to know in this business is how to get the right product to sell, at the right price, and you have to be able to beat out your competition. In this video we walk through that. We cover all of the strategies on finding the right product, no matter what type of product you’d like to sell. And we show you how to control the “Buy Box” and beat out competition all day long.

Amazon Riches The Game Changer Video
Amazon Riches Getting Started with FBA Video

Amazon Video #5 – Getting Started with Amazon Wealth Systems 


This 51 minute video is going to walk you through from A-Z on how to create an Amazon Wealth Systems Order. Those 3 letters, F – B – A are going to change your life. Fulfillment by Amazon allows you to run this business from anywhere in the world. It allows them to do all the work. And you sit back and reap all the rewards.

Amazon Video #6 – How to Do Product Research  


Not every product is good for Amazon. Not every product is good for eBay. It is super important to research every single product, category and niche before you jump into investing in that market.

This 42 minute video shows you how to research Amazon to find out exactly whether or not you have a deal. You may have an amazing product that you can make thousands of dollars on if you sell it on Amazon…but if no one is buying it, you’re never going to make any money. This video will show you how to research Amazon, your competition, prior sales history & how the marketplace will react to your product.

Amazon Riches How to Do Product Research Video
Amazon Riches Quick Easy Places to Find Deals Video

Amazon Video #7 – Quick Easy Places to Find Deals 


In the Amazon Riches course our goal is to get you wholesaling as soon as possible. Because wholesaling will make you serious money and it will also involve less of your time. But not everyone has the funds to jump right in.

That’s why we created this DVD. To give you all the places that are all around your life that you can pick up deals to sell on Amazon. This DVD will show you the very inexpensive ways to profit on Amazon.


I’m not sure if you’re aware that Amazon used to be a book store…lol. Now, I know, of course they still are a book store. But I recently read an article that said that only 7% of Amazon’s sales last year came from selling books. But still, that’s over $6.23 Billion. Could you take a piece of that? That’s why I developed this special report showing you exactly how you can capitalize from the new and used book market on Amazon.

Amazon Riches Selling New & Used Books on Amazon Video
Special Report Amazon Best Selling Products

Special Report: Amazon Best Selling Products 


This Special Report is a breakdown of all the different ways to find hidden gems that are around your life every single day, that you can take and sell on Amazon.

Not only where to find them, but some of the specific products that tend to move fastest on Amazon.

Special Report: Prices & Fees 


In this report I go over all of the different fees and costs involved in the Amazon selling business. Prices and fees change based on the product that you are selling.

It’s important to know exactly what your costs are before you jump into a product. I’ll show you the actual fees, and show you how to do the research yourself.

Special Report Prices & Fees

Exclusive Member’s Area


Don’t fret. I’ve made this even easier for you. What I’ve done is taken this entire system and uploaded it to a member’s area where you can have access to it 24hrs a day from wherever you have an internet connection.

Whether you have a mac or a pc or a desktop, you can access the videos, manuals and audios directly from your personalized membership access.

Mega Crazy Bonus – Brand Kindle

I’ve taken this entire system and loaded it onto a Kindle for you. So you can have access anywhere in the world.

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